Friday, April 17, 2009

Raising a Ruckus Again

Well, the mayor and the board of the Incorporated Village of Mineola have yet to put the public meetings back on the air but thankfully, we still have printed media. At the April 8th budget meeting they voted 4 - 1 to give themselves a 61% pay hike so they can participate in the pension system. I have less of a problem with that than with the way the mayor went all medieval on the one board member who demurred. So I decided to get a little medieval myself:

Must admit - when I saw it in print, I scared myself with how cold I can be. B-R-R-R-R-R !!!!

Don't mess with the Zohan!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Timing is Everything - Part One

It's always been one of my goals in life to see the famous cherry trees along Washington DC's Tidal Basin when they were in full bloom. The times I've been down there over the years were either too early, too late, too rainy, blah blah. Well since my agency hasn't had any work for me recently, I took advantage of the down time to crash at my cousin's swinging bachelorette pad in Alexandria. I kept checking the website for the blossoms and determined that March 30th would be a good day to drive down since the buds were already at Stage Four.

All the weather "talking heads" were predicting that Tuesday was going to be the only nice day of the week and they turned out to be right for a change. I took the metro to the Smithsonian station and walked down to the Tidal Basin and it was a sight to behold! From a distance it truly looked like puffy pink clouds had settled over the water. I revelled in the beauty of the scenery, the warmth of the sun, the good will of the other gawkers who had come from all over the world, and the self-satisfaction of FINALLY GETTING IT RIGHT! Woo-Hoo! (

Apart from that, I got to visit with my Aunt Jane, my cousins on the Italian side of the family Barbara and Bill Crennan (ok so she's Italian/Polish and he's Irish but who wants to know?) and I got to jaw with my charming hostess, my cousin Patricia (the swinging bachelorette).

It was a relaxing time of sacking out on the sofa in front of the flat screen TV, imbibing a variety of hot teas (you name it - she's got it in her house) and snacking on yummy raisin-filled bran muffins. (Seriously - very tasty!) Oh! And I've developed an appreciation for Frosted Mini-Wheats! (Did I mention that I recently turned 50? Bran and hot clear liquids are increasingly appealling.) It was a soul-renewing, bowel-cleansing sojourn in the South and I hated to come home. Not because "home" is horrible, or there isn't a bran flake to be found, but because I have always enjoyed my times in Virginia. It's such a different vibe down there - even as developed as the northern part of the state has become over the past 20 years. So if I ever get my ass cracking and pass my boards and get my license, I hope to move down there some day and make it my home. Me and my Frosted Mini-Wheats!